Fast-Track the Ultimate Training Aid Used in Competitions

Ever since the fast track appeared in training halls, has been a significant support for coaches and utilising its advantages for the benefit of gymnasts. The fast track is a result of the continuous apparatus development. 

A brief hisory and endorsment published by Gymnastics Coaching

CHN and RUS have already integrated fast track preparation into their development programme and the Chinese WAG and MAG programme already using it in their competition programme as an additional apparatus.

Recently fast track used in the Chinese youth championships in 2022 for girls and boys.

Chinese MAG National Youth Championships – 2022

Incorporating fast-track into a development programme has significant benefit. Unfortunately, there are federations think differently and coaches are teaching gymnasts without using this training aid. Shockingly, one federation moved the fast-track from their national centre to the storeroom. Whilst it was in the hall used as a sitting device and a coffee table.

Russian Gymnastics has published an educatiional video for coaches on using fast-track.

It has become obvious that a comprehensive programme break-down to age groups would provide a sound development of young gymnasts.

It is important that they must dedicate a coaching courses or workshops to the use of the fast-track. Sadly, some coaches and federations do not have the desire and expertise to recognise its benefit.

Since bonus points introduced in the Code of Points, coaches and gymnasts are seeking difficult combinations and without fast-track preparation, gymnasts’ safety would be compromised.

Certainly, the usage of fast-track and trampoline is not a replacement for the skills and series of tumbles in different environment. There should be a step-by-step transition of a skill to competition situation. Coaches must use the correct progressions, including a teaching aid where gymnasts can develop spatial awareness which provides a safe skill acquisition.

Unquestionably, the appropriate physical preparation must be integrated into the programme.

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